Horizon Zero Dawn’s 1st Anniversary – A Photomode chat with Roderick

heute geht es mal um ein ganz tolles andere Projekt von mir! Schaut unbedingt rein. (In englischer Sprache)

Virtual Photography Blog

Happy Birthday Horizon Zero Dawn!

One year ago Guerrilla Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment released the third-person action-adventure Horizon Zero Dawn and Aloy has taken our consoles and hearts by storm. And what a year it was! A year of adventure and discovery, of challenging fights, of defining encounters, pure joy and success on many levels: Rave reviews by press and players, 7.6 million copies sold, a quite successful award season and last but not least a caring, vivid and non-toxic community of gamers, artists, cosplayers and… virtual photographers!

DSC01188 Roderick von der Steen @ Guerrilla Games

I’m very much into real life photography and have been taking screenshots for a long time but HZD was the first game I have ever played that offered me a tool I never knew I needed: The outstanding photomode. It sparked my imagination and provided me opportunities I wish I had in real life…

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